Olsen Sisters & Megan Fox Make-up Tutorial

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These adorable twin-sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, demonstrated the world that the twins can be surprisingly individual. In recent years, the once popular actress sisters abstracted from filming plunged into designer clothes development. Their manner of dress is radically criticized from one side and idolized from the other; however, the Olsen sisters seem to know everything about makeup.

The eyes are the main focus of the trendy designers: the girls often use dark shadows coupled with a black pencil. As a result, their bluish-green eyes look bright, expressive, deep and eye-catching. Olsen sisters love smoky eyes and they don’t wear it for special occasions: a thick gray haze covering the eyelids makes the expressive eyes even deeper and soulful. Rounding out the eye makeup of the far-famed sisters are densely dyed long and voluminous lashes.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have light tone faces and give a priority to aristocratic type faces. It is important to note that this approach not only keeps skin youthful, but always remains fashionable. Apart from the natural whiteness of the skin, the girls like to emphasize their apparent thinness by using bronzer, applied to the cheeks, and rouges of peach, milk chocolate or natural pink shades. Thus, the face looks fresher and more radiant, and it does not create the excessive make-up effect.

The girls always stick to natural eyebrow shapes and density; sometimes Olsen twins embellish their dark shadows. As a result, the eyebrows and hair contrast and the image seems to be more refined and noble.

Megan Fox’s style

Before applying corrective cosmetics use the daily cream according to your skin type: spread it carefully spread on the face and neck by gentle massaging. Seasoned wedding makeup Manchester agencies recommend tinting the tonal cream bearing in mind the type of lighting used at the event. If you go to a nightclub, the foundation may be one or two shades darker than the skin color. If you are going to have a dinner in a restaurant with warm lighting make a choice in favor of cream foundation a few shades lighter than the skin, in this case, the face will look naturally and gently.

The evening make-up main instruments are powder and blush. The powder applied with a special brush or a sponge is applied to the entire face, including the eyes. Blush, at first, to distribute the dot apples of the cheeks (the most protruding parts), earlobes and the tip of the nose. The technique helps to achieve a young, romantic and gentle look. If you are planning to wear a dress with a neckline of bright color or looking to create an image of ‘femme fatale’, a method is not likely to work.

Megan Fox loves diversity in makeup. When Megan makes up her eyes, she experiments with long lines in the upper eyelids that she paints in dark (smoky or brown) shadows and line eyelash growth leads or darker shadows or liquid eyeliner. Moreover, the length of the line, each time is different. The actress also uses shadows and bluer. On the upper eyelids, she makes a transition from gray-blue to blue-black shadows from the corner of the eye to the edge, respectively (a unique interpretation of smoky eyes). In this embodiment, the lower eyelids slightly brushed with dark shadows that applied to the upper eyelid. In both variations of the makeup, the image looks spectacular and expressive, but at the same time restrained and not vulgar.